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Fuji in Europe Part 18 – Hidden little gem

A Gem

Right next to the cemetery, hidden from view, is one of the most beautiful little parks in Nuremberg.  It’s surrounded by 4 story buildings, and it’s very easy to miss.  It’s a perfect little quiet spot away from the busy traffic of everyday.  It has a little restaurant at the entrance with a lovely patio.  Perfect for a cup of coffee and a bit of peace and quiet.  It’s filled with manicured shrubbery, old statues and fountains.  One can stroll along gravel paths, and as the affinity for sundials is strong in Nuremberg (they can be found on most buildings), there is a sundial made out of small bushes, at one end of this park.  Perfect little spot.


Again, as with the cemetery, Fuji XT1 and the Fuji 56mm f1.2 came out to play.  I love the soft bokeh this lens creates, and it was perfect for what I wanted to shoot in the park.










One perfect moment in time...

Beautiful British Columbia – Part 2 – Travel Photography

Jericho Park with its beach were for us the first place to visit in Vancouver, BC.  We have been very lucky to bring with us sunny weather and we were definitely enjoying our evening stroll in the park and the beach.  As I have mentioned in my previous post – Beautiful British Columbia – Part 1 – Travel Photography travel photography allows us to practice shooting in all sorts of environments and this was a pleasure to do so with shiny water, reflecting the sun and in dark shade of park trees.. Here is some of what I saw and captured during our visit..


To be continued…


boy girl love couple happy edmonton photographer

Hippies – Edmonton Couple Lifestyle Photography

Today on the blog we have a very rare sight…. Hippies in Alberta.  They are usually hard to spot, and observe in the wild.  They sometimes migrate from bordering province of British Columbia, but not very often.  The reason for this is that they are usually called Tree Huggers (lat. trunkus humpus), and Alberta being a prairie province does not have a lot of trees to hug, so they become very disoriented and either perish or quickly return to the west coast.  The Hippies are usually a happy bunch, and this couple I’ve spotted have been behaving rather conservatively, like any Albertan should :)  There were no unwarranted displays of nudity, love, or grass smoking… I believe they might have been in the initial stages of disorientation.

 man park hippie love

man hippie love lifestyle photography

man long hair lifestyle photography

man walk road park hippie

man park alberta lifestyle photography

couple man woman love hippie edmonton photography

couple love man woman edmonton photographer

couple love boy girl edmonton photographer

couple love boy girl happy edmonton photography

man woman love couple photography

boy girl love couple happy edmonton photographer

Misty river

Freezing Morning in the Park..

It was bloody freezing this morning in the park, where we went to shoot a foggy sunrise. The temperatures dropped to -22 degrees Celsius and the fog made it feel even colder. But the sky was blue and the sun was rising so we went for a very long walk and took a lot of pictures. By the time we’ve gotten back into our vehicle I could barely feel some of my fingers and toes, not mentioning my frozen face.. Oh, well.. I think, it was still worth it! ;D Here is a few of the shots I took this morning and, though, it is not spring yet, for which I am terribly sorry, the world is looking mighty wonderful today! :D



Where the mist meets the sky

Embracing Winter

You know? There is really no escaping the fact, that no matter what my wishes are, the winter is really not ready to depart just yet.. In this case lets enjoy it!
These were taken on a rare sunny morning with blue sky and mists enveloping the River Valley and Rundle Park here in Edmonton. It was rather cold that morning as well, and the snow was just so very fresh covering earth in a pristine blanket of white.  So, so beautiful!!! Well, if you can’t get rid of it, embrace it!! ;D



edmonton snow winter fog landscape

Winter Wonderland – Alberta Landscape Part 2

My wife has already posted some images from our morning walk in a snowy, foggy park shooting landscapes.  It was a great time, even though it was around -24C that morning.  We started off with a sunrise at an abandoned farm, which I posted a few days ago, and found our way to a local Edmonton park in the river valley.  Even at that late in the morning the fog was still rising from the river, making the world a really magical place.  Here are my renditions of the foggy park, that morning.  Enjoy!

Edmonton winter landscape photography

edmonton river winter snow

edmonton winter snow landscapewinter snow fog edmonton landscape

edmonton snow winter fog landscape

snow winter landscape edmonton

park snow winter landscape morning

snow edmonton winter landscape snow

sunrise farm alberta trees snow winter

Winter Sunrise – Alberta Landscape

Alberta landscape, photographs very nicely in any weather, and any season.  Spring and summers, are full of color, and stormy weather.  This looks wonderful with the never ending prairie skies.  Fall means activity on the fields, and beautiful changing colors.  Winters are quiet, peaceful giving you time to reflect.  They are also easier for sunrises, since one does not have to wake up too early to catch one.  This was the case here.  My wife and I, decided to visit one of our favorite spots, a little abandoned farm, not too far from where we live.  It was a cold day, and it got progressively colder the farther we were out of the city.  We started at -17C, and by the time we got to the farm (about 20min drive) it was -24C.  We had a bit of time before the sunrise, so we went out exploring.  I do have a confession to make…. I see the big picture, and constantly keep missing the small things at my feet.  So to train myself I brought the 60mm f2.4 lens on my Fuji to force myself to see close.  Just in case I did bring a 8-15mm Canon fisheye, which was mounted on the Sony.  Just in case :)  Here are some images from that cold morning sunrise.  Enjoy!

farm alberta winter snow

 sunrise farm alberta trees snow winter

winter farm tree snow

 sunrise farm winter snowwinter minimal farm alberta empty

farm alberta winter pollution snow

winter tree smoke alberta edmonton

farm alberta prairie sunrise winter snow

3 winter wonderland canada alberta edmonton park cold snow morning beauty landscape mist fog light nature

Winter Wonderland

Saturday morning, we’ve decided to, finally, venture out with our cameras to check out the world covered in over 20cm of snow. We were very lucky, because, after a week or so, the sun has finally showed its face. Mind you, the temperatures dropped to almost -20 degrees Celsius and even in a foggy park (such low temperatures caused the mist to rise from the river) the blue sky was reflected in the snow making it all look like a winter wonderland.  It’s truly a glorious thing to behold such beauty!! We’ve returned home, after our visit in the park, frozen through, but very happy! Here is a few shots from that trip.  I hope you enjoy! :)



7 canada alberta edmonton fall mist fog park trees mood beauty

Fall… I Miss You!

The snow keeps on falling. There is over 20cm of the white stuff already on the ground.  Our roads are a mess and I am not planning on venturing anywhere for a while, at least… I miss fall with its gorgeous colors and misty mornings.  It doesn’t last too long around here, so I was very happy to be able to make a trip to a park close to my home one misty morning and shoot the mysterious world covered in fog.. Here it is, the park still dressed in autumn colors, hugged by mists.. Enjoy! :)



woman park lifestyle edmonton photographer

A walk in the forest – Lifestyle Portrait Photography Part 2

Continuing from the previous lifestyle portrait photography session, here is another part of the walk.  It was a beautiful day, and fall colors were spectacular.  It was hard not to take a bad picture.  Then again using my two favorite cameras, namely the Fuji X-Pro1 and the Sony NEX-7, makes taking images great fun.  Not much can be said about this part of the walk, so please enjoy the images!

fall alberta park woman lifestyle edmonton photographerfall park alberta lifestyle edmonton photography

woman park sexy edmonton photographer

woman fall park nature

woman park fall nature edmonton

 lifestyle edmonton portrait fall park photography

woman park lifestyle edmonton photographer

lifestyle woman edmonton photography

End of Summer – Portraits in the Park… Part 2

Shooting with Fuji X-Pro1 definitely changed my way of taking pictures.  It slowed me down, and made me think.  I found that with a DSLR, I would take more than a few images of the same scene, and really end up with way too many images that then would have to be scrapped.  Lots of time wasted.  With the Fuji, I found myself evaluating the scene in front of me, and try to capture it the best way.  Which means less images, but more keepers.  These portraits, were taken during the End of Summer shoot… I somehow ended up shooting a lot more with Brittany, then any other model in the group.  Did not shoot a lot of frames that day, but it’s not the quantity that counts, at the end of it all…. it’s the quality.  So please… Enjoy!

portrait woman alberta nature edmonton photographerwoman nature outdoors alberta edmonton photography

portrait lifestyle edmonton photographer lifestyle portrait woman nature edmonton photography

 lifestyle woman edmonton photographyportrait woman lifestyle edmonton photographer

lifestyle boots water reflection

birch tree green grass alberta photography

Nature walk with the Fuji X-Pro1

I’m going through my images taken with the Fuji X-Pro1 camera, and there are a few that I just didn’t have time to post… and there are a few of those.  So today I’m taking a trip back in time, to one of the first test of that wonderful camera.  I met my good friend at Elk Island National Park, and we just went on shooting.  Just wanted to share the result from that long ago nature walk with a new camera.  Enjoy!

elk island tree grasstrees bokeh landscape albertaelk island landscape park albertabirch tree green grass alberta photographylake elk island park albertatrees lake elsk island park albertasky plane trail alberta

4 people canada day edmonton landscape downtown celebration fireworks park city sky clouds

Celebrating Canada Day

It’s a tradition in our family, if the weather cooperates, to invite some friends and go and watch fireworks display on Canada Day evening. We tend to go early to find a good spot for pictures and spend as much time enjoying outdoors as possible.  This year was no different. Mind you, the day started with a downpour and a storm and, for a while, we were not sure there would be fireworks at all. But, as usual, our luck held and the sky cleared out so we packed our picnic supplies and went out to a spot that gave us a wonderful view of the Edmonton downtown.  There was not many people there when we arrived and we have had plenty of room to set up our stuff. The sun was shining, the sky was great and mosquitoes were not bothering us too much ;)

As you can see we’ve had plenty of time to experiment and enjoy ourselves ;D..  As time went by and the sky was getting darker more and more people started to show up and eventually a crowd has gathered to watch the spectacle:

We were very lucky this year, because Nature decided to compete with human display and the lightning started to highlight the sky behind the downtown adding to the awesome display! Soo cool!!! Eventually, when the fireworks display was over, we were the only people left on the hill, watching Mother Nature’s show as well as a cool effect that smoke from fireworks and city lights have created.

Cool stuff, I tell you! Hope you have spent your evening as pleasantly as we did!



1 guitar edmonton photo

Around Edmonton

I don’t know about you, but I love going for walks around my town. Even if the weather isn’t very warm I’ll bundle up, take my family and walk to see what’s new around.  Whether it is in the park or the Whyte Avenue, downtown or just closest neighbourhood there is always something new to find. Quite often I have my camera with me, ’cause you never know when the perfect opportunity arrises to take the picture. And yes, there are many a “Kodak moments” while we walk :). I thought I’d share with you a few of the pictures from around Edmonton. I hope you’ll be inspired to take your family out and check out what’s new in your neighbourhood as well. Who knows, maybe you’ll even remember your camera and take a few pictures as well?


An Old Evening at Elk Island

Yup. I’m still going through my old photos from 2011, and finding more goodies that were lost in the shuffle.  Here is a nice quiet evening at Astotin Lake in Elk Island National Park.  There were a few families trying out their canoes on the lake.  I was there playing with my fish eye lens, which is great for situations like these.  People do not notice that you are taking their photo, because you are not pointing your camera at them.  Sneaky! :)  Enjoy!


Tilt-Shifting Postcards from Jasper

Along with my micro 4/3 camera I brought along my Canon 1D and my 90mm tilt-shift lens.  I always like the view through that lens.  It’s always something different.  Some will scoff at it’s use in landscape photography, but I really like the effects it can produce.  So here is a bit of fall in the Rockies through a tilt-shift.  Enjoy!

First Postcards from Jasper

Jasper is a magical place.  I finally had a chance to edit the pictures that I took on our last day excursion to the mountains.  It was a good couple of months, but the wedding, family, boudoir images take precedence over anything personal.  I hope you enjoy these, as they are a perfect example how wonderful fall is in the rockies.  Enjoy!