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banff,rockies,winter,sunrise 01

Memories of Banff with Fujifilm X cameras and 14mm – Landscape Photography

FujiFilm 14mm f2.8

When I finally got this lens, I had my doubts that it might not be wide enough for landscapes.  I like to shoot landscapes at least at 17mm on full frame camera. and this 14mm translates to roughly 21mm, when factoring the crop of Fuji X cameras.  I decided to give it a try.  I was really impressed with the results.  I think 21mm is wide enough for me, although I’m still looking forward to the new 10-24 f4 Fuji lens.  Best of all, all this equipment is light, easily transportable, which makes shooting with it so much more fun.


It was a perfect day.  The morning was beautiful and we found a few photographers already positioned at Vermillion lakes waiting for the sunrise.  The weather conditions were quite perfect for a great sunrise shoot.  After the sunrise, we traveled to Lake Louise.  Another great iconic location for landscapes.   A day of beautiful light, beautiful mountains, and great time shooting it all.

banff,rockies,winter,sunrise 01

banff,rockies,winter,sunrise 01

banff,rockies,winter,sunrise 01

banff,rockies,winter,sunrise 01

banff,rockies,winter,sunrise 01

banff,rockies,winter,sunrise 01

banff,rockies,winter,sunrise 01

banff,rockies,winter,sunrise 01

woman park lifestyle edmonton photographer

A walk in the forest – Lifestyle Portrait Photography Part 2

Continuing from the previous lifestyle portrait photography session, here is another part of the walk.  It was a beautiful day, and fall colors were spectacular.  It was hard not to take a bad picture.  Then again using my two favorite cameras, namely the Fuji X-Pro1 and the Sony NEX-7, makes taking images great fun.  Not much can be said about this part of the walk, so please enjoy the images!

fall alberta park woman lifestyle edmonton photographerfall park alberta lifestyle edmonton photography

woman park sexy edmonton photographer

woman fall park nature

woman park fall nature edmonton

 lifestyle edmonton portrait fall park photography

woman park lifestyle edmonton photographer

mountain snow alberta landscape jasper

Jasper in June with Fuji X-Pro1 – part 2

Continuing from my previous post of testing Fuji X-Pro1 with old Pentax lenses, here are some more landscapes from our quick trip to Jasper National Park.  We decided  to visit a few new places that time, places that we never visited before.  These images are from Edith Cavell mountain area and trails.  I was using a Pentax 200mm f4 and 30-70mm f2.8 zoom primarily.  Focusing was quite easy, and fast, and it was quite a pleasure to use.  They bring a bit of nostalgic feeling to taking images, and glass does not age as quickly as the camera bodies, so even if some of these lenses were made over 30 years ago, they are still as good as the day they were made.  Enjoy!

mountain clouds jasper alberta landscape photography

mountain snow alberta landscape jasper

mountain detail avalanche snow jaspersnow avalanche detail jasper alberta

glacier jasper edith cavell alberta landscape photographer

detail glacier jasper alberta landscape

jasper landscape alberta photography

jasper landscape alberta valley mountains

creek mountain jasper alberta landscape

13 spain almerimar beach sunset fuji xpro1 edmonton photography

Spain Day 2, Spanish Sunset and more Fuji X-Pro1

I wanted to try the 18mm Fuji lens on a Spanish landscape.  I mean that’s the main reason I took a wide angle lens all the way to Spain.  On the drive to Almerimar from Madrid, I did not have a lot of opportunities to take pictures, as I was dodging crazy spanish drivers, and trying hard not to fall down the mountains on their narrow roads.  It definitely something to get used to.  To do a little more driving training we decided to visit some of the little villages, that snuggle the mountains of Sierra Nevada.  Let me tell you,  there are some streets that you can barely squeeze your car through, or get stuck on a one way dead end street.  A bit nerve racking, but the views are just spectacular.  They soothe your rattled nerves, the blood pressure goes down, your breathing slows, and you smile.  Maybe that’s why the Spanish are so laid back, friendly and smiling?

In the last image, my kids had a lot of fun, because they could be in a bar, with adults.  An actual bar, where people drink…. alcohol!  I wonder if the kids are  going to become an alcoholics now…. And it was quite a place, with walls filled with pictures of past bull fighters, and newspaper clippings.  Great atmosphere.  I managed to “steal” some images with the Fuji.  I guess I didn’t have to be sneaky about taking pictures.  Most people are used to tourists snapping away.  Since my Spanish consists of a couple of words, which probably would not help if I was told not to take pictures, I rather refrained from doing to much.  I guess that’s why I compensated this with outside images of the Spanish country side.

At the end of the day, we decided that it would be great to catch a Spanish Sunset.  The wind has died down considerably, so we went down to the beach.  The kids had a lot of fun chasing and running away from the waves, getting soaked in the process, but that’s being a kid, right?  Me and my wife concentrated on the picture taking :)  So the whole day spent with Fuji X-Pro1 and a 18mm Fuji lens.  Any regrets?  None what so ever.  Just at times I wished that it was a little wider, but not often.  The camera performed admirably and it was a pleasure to carry around.  Light and portable.  It made me focus more on the scenery outside, instead of wishing I could go home and take the load off.  Here are some images from the sunset I captured on the beach in Almerimar.  Enjoy!

Fuji X-Pro 1, sunrise and HDR

So I’ve been shooting primarily with the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 lately, just to learn and get used to the camera.  I find myself switching up from 18mm to 35mm depending if I’m in the landscape mood or street mood.  I took it out last weekend for a bit of street photography, and although the AF is not the fastest I was able to capture a few images that I will be posting at a later date.  Today is landscape day.  I took these yesterday morning, on my way to work.  Yes I deviated a little from my usual route, but it was worth it.  I’m really liking the 18mm lens for it’s wideness which is perfectly suited for landscapes.  I find it sharp, and it being compact, it’s a real fun to use.  Here are the results from yesterday morning.  Enjoy!

Playing around with Fuji X-Pro1

Yesterday, we went out as a family for lunch…. the ulterior motive really was for me to give the new Fuji X-Pro 1, a bit out of a workout on the streets.  That did not happen as the weather turned a little chilly, and we huddled from the cold in the restaurant.  All was not lost however, as I was able to test this little gem of a camera in really low light conditions.  The restaurant was quite busy, and we got the table in a dark corner, which suited me just fine.  I had my 35mm f1.4 lens wide open, and at ISO 3200 I was barely getting 1/40s shutter speed.  The focus was surprisingly fast and accurate, and I was quite impressed with the results.

I had to adjust the white balance a little as the light in the restaurant was giving everybody this sickly orange color.

Then today, the world is in this wonderful grey mist, so I grabbed the camera and headed out for 30 min… here are the results.  I’m really enjoying shooting with the Fuji X-Pro 1.  It’s a wonderful camera.

Fuji X-Pro1 – First Impressions

So the long awaited and much hyped Fujifilm X-Pro 1 camera has finally arrived.  As I and my partner Sid, our Shutter Time with Sid and Mac podcast, have been talking about this camera, since the rumours started, it was always an object of desire.  What more can you want, than a retro looking Fuji X100 with interchangable lenses.  So when the date of release was coming closer, I found myself in the local Edmonton camera store, putting down a deposit.  Finally yesterday, to my surprise it arrived!  A whole week early.  It only came with the Fujinon 35mm f1.4 lens.  So the photos in this little first impression review are direct from the camera, no processing what so ever.

If you ever used the Fuji X100, you will find the X-Pro 1 familiar.  The controls on the camera have been updated, and the buttons are quite a bit larger, and easier for my big fat fingers :).  It feels very solid and has good weight to it, which is quite comfortable to use.  I have to say though that the hybrid optical view finder is not as nice as the X100, but I guess that is because the the view finder can change the magnification, depending on the lens is on the camera.  The autofocus is faster than on the X100, which is a welcome improvement, as well as the manual focus has been improved.  The best thing though is the quick menu button on the camera, which allows for quick settings changes on the camera.  There is an annoying clicking sound coming for the 35mm when it’s wide open.  I think it’s the aperture blades stepping down, but this will require further investigation.  Never heard a sound like this before.

Another thing, the new RAW files are not recognized by Lightroom 4, or iPhoto on my Mac.  I had to install a RAW file converter, then use that to change the RAW files into uncompressed TIFF, then I can import it into Lightroom.  This conversion takes a little bit of time.  To convert 200 images it took about 15 minutes.  I guess that was something to be expected, as this is a new camera with a completely new sensor.  I would love if some of these manufacturers adopted the Adodbe DNG format, which would make the world a better place, but I digress.  There is another solution, shoot JPG.  One thing that the Fuji X100 and X-Pro 1 does perfectly is JPG.  Also shooting RAW with X-Pro 1, limits the ISO range between 200-6400, with JPG you have full range from 100-25600.

Over all though I really like the camera.  It has a lot of potential, and with the Leica M-mount adapter already available, and new rumours of additional Fujinon lenses available late this year or early in 2013, it’s going to be an exciting camera to use.  I’m very impressed.  Here are some more shots from the camera, unedited. Enjoy!